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Why in the world does a Plumbing company need a blog? Well, I’ll tell you. The Royal Flush Plumbing company has a story that needs to be told. There is so much beauty and grit behind the cover of this book, and great stories must be told. Not only will we be sharing the history of our company’s story, but also the great things that our staff and technicians bring to the table as well. Did you know that plumbers save lives? It’s true! I’ll explain that later. We will be covering all the exciting big jobs that our plumbers complete too. So, if you like seeing a good before and after, stay tuned. Also, many of our Plumbers are actually gifted in many other areas, like cooking. So get ready for recipes and cooking tips from Master Plumbers who are also Master Grillers. We also have some plumbers who are also poets, if you can believe it. We also have an office full of other staff who are beautiful people with gifts to share as well, and we are so excited to share their gifts with the world.
Royal Flush Plumbing believes that everyone should be treated as royalty, so we love to give back. We can’t wait to share with you some of the ways we get to serve our community. Our goal in sharing those things is not to get praise, but to help other companies find ways to give back to their communities as well.
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