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Here at Royal Flush, our mission, though grand in nature, is very simple: We want to revolutionize the entire plumbing industry.  For far too long we have sat back and watched this industry develop a bad reputation.  For far too long we have watched plumbing companies create slogans calling themselves “honest plumbers.”Indeed the situation seems grim if companies are using the word honest to set themselves apart. That’s where we come in.

Royal Flush was created in 1982 and was incorporated into the state of Georgia over two decades later in 2004. Unlike most companies, we strive for much more than just honesty, we strive for excellence in every aspect of our work. Tell me how far will honesty go if it’s not accompanied by several other key traits like knowledge, care, and respect.

When you call into our office you will be greeted by a friendly and knowledgeable customer service representative. We strive to always be to our appointments during the allotted time.  The technician who arrives at your home will always be respectful of your situation and will always let you know that he is there to help.  Through a careful selection process, we believe we have found some of the very best plumbers in the business and we have spent years perfecting our way of operating because we feel that Americans are ready for a change.

We truly believe that people are ready to unite, against all odds, and we feel that it is our calling to be there to help lead the way.  Plumbers used to be seen for what they were, protectors of humanity keeping our homes safe from things which may cause us harm. They were suppliers of all things clean and fresh.  They were a class of man whom were looked very highly upon.   Unfortunately, over the years this idea has slowly waned, like the moon crest past the peak of its cycle. People now seem to feel that there is no integrity left in the world, at least the world of service companies that is. You shouldn’t have to be hesitant to call someone when you need help.  In fact, if we have our way, the day will soon come when you won’t.

We pledge to clean up the industry, to help root out the evil which has vilified it, and to give equal assistance to all those who need it. Welcome to Royal Flush, where you get the promise of excellence each and every time you have a plumbing need.


Todd Alen Perry

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