Old Caste Iron Pipe

Earlier this week we had a customer call us because their kitchen sink would not drain. Logically, we figured that the pipes were clogged and they just needed our plumber to come out to clear the drain line. It turned out to be much more than that. When our plumber, Steven, took the pipes apart underneath the sink, he started sending a FlexShaft down the pipe in order to clear any blockage. Following several attempts, water still would not drain properly. After speaking more with the homeowner out that the sewer line leading out of the houseFlexshaft was old cast iron pipe, almost 50 years old. The entire sewer line needed to be replaced. The cast iron was completely corroded over and repairing it was not an option.

This is a great example of  why it is important to call a plumber, no matter how small the issue may seem. If our customer had decided to ignore the issue or used liquid solution bought from the store, the pipe could’ve cracked and the ensuing leak could have resulted in serious water damage over time. Please, always reach out to your local professional. Small problems today can turn catastrophic in the long run!