What’s Wrong With Galvanized Pipe?

Galvanized pipe was created to help prevent rust. They are coated with zinc on the outside to help fight corrosion. Unfortunately, the lining corrodes and rusts on the inside after years of exposure to water. After a while, it finds its way into your waterline and...
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What Are You Putting In Your Dishwasher

I have definitely been guilty of grabbing whatever I see first in the store for my dishwasher. The problem is that you could be using chemicals that can be eating away at your pipes. This is why it is important to call Royal Flush, the best plumber in Snellville, GA....
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Check For Polybutylene Piping

Polybutylene pipes were used in almost 10 million homes across the U.S. back in the 80s and 90s. They were marketed as cheap and easy to install. Closer to the turn of the century, many law suits were filed stating that these pipes were falling apart rapidly. Further...
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The Kitchen Disaster Nobody Wants

There is one problem that we get calls about that we think most people don’t even know they have. Bad shut off valves! You should regularly check your kitchen sink shut off valves. Look for any damages or leaks and turn the knobs in order to make sure they are...
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No Wipes!

Please, please, PLEASE, do not flush baby wipes down the toilet! We have to many calls of customers saying they flush their downstairs toilet and sewage comes up through the shower drain. When people see that, the first reaction is their heart dropping. Wipes do not...
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Grease Kills Pipes

Never, never, never pour oil or cooking grease down a drain. It does not make it to the sewer. It stays in your system while clogging and eating away at your pipes. There is a device that you can install. Royal Flush, the best plumber in Snellville, GA, has got you...
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A Little Luxury

Thinking of what it would be like to jump into the pool all summer or relax in the jacuzzi once the sun goes down. Royal Flush, the best plumber in Snellville, GA, can help with that too. We setup the drain and fill lines for all of those too. Always, always, always...
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The Fear Of The Dig

Replacing your water and sewer sounds nice at first, but then you think about how your home or yard might look in the aftermath. You don’t have to worry if you choose Royal Flush, the best plumber in Snellville, GA. With us, we are very experienced with digging...
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Check Your Washer

A common place Royal Flush, the best plumber in Snellville, GA, sees water damage and leaks is under your washing machine. Checking in this area routinely is important because, at first glance, you might not see anything wrong. The last thing you want is a crack floor...
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Always Keep an Eye Out

Please, please, PLEASE if you see any water pooling up anywhere call Royal Flush, the best plumber in Snellville, GA. The sooner you do something about, the less money it will cost you! That is why we always encourage annual inspections on your home and property. Our...
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