PSA for HOA’s

If you are creating a new subdivision and building new homes, then don’t forget about Royal Flush, the best plumber in Lilburn, GA. We install fire hydrants and storm drains! We make storm drains look easy and more and more of our techs are becoming certified to...
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Renovate, Renovate, RENOVATE!

Have you bought a new home and want to turn the basement into another bedroom? What usually comes with that? A bathroom. It sounds simple enough until you make some, get a couple of quotes and realize how much money it will take. Call Royal Flush, the best plumber in...
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Where Is It Coming From!

Got a couple of inches of water in your basement and can’t find the source? Call Royal Flush, the best plumber in Lilburn, GA. We had a call like this recently and we get the sinking feeling in your gut when this happens. Not to worry though because we have the...
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No Interruption

Here at Royal Flush, the best plumber in Lilburn, GA, our bread and butter are commercial projects, and we sense that most business owners get a little skittish when it comes to plumbing. We know the hesitation is because the last thing you want is for your day-to-day...
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Clean Out Time

More and more Royal Flush, the best plumber in Lilburn, GA, has been installing clean outs for homeowners. If you do not know what a clean out is, it is an access point into pipe system of your home. So, if there is a clog somewhere in your drain or water, then one of...
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There Is A Block In The System!

We have been more calls than usual lately where customers state that their toilets are not flushing, and their sinks won’t drain. If this is happening, typically that means there is a major blockage somewhere in your drainage system. Do not just keep flushing...
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Sewage Ejector Pumps

Do you know what a Sewage Ejector Pump is? If you don’t, that’s okay because people do not. It is one of those devices that can be pretty crucial in your home, but usually goes unnoticed. A Sewage Ejector Pump removes wastewater from below-grade areas. So,...
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New Bathroom Install

There is nothing more satisfying than installing a brand-new toilet for a new bathroom. From what we have seen, there are a lot of people who would rather be able to do it themselves which is completely understandable to us. But the risk you are running is the...
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The Toilet Is Overflowing!

We had an interesting call today. The homeowner made an inspection request because their downstairs toilet was overflowing when any kind of water pressure was being used in the house. Even when the dishwasher was running! Luckily, they called Royal Flush, the best...
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The Trails Are Back Open

We love any news about plumbing projects that happening, especially in a city that has been home for a couple of decades. The trail on Rockbridge Road around Lilburn City Park has finally been reopened! There have been storm-water-related problems for a while in the...
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